Aquafresh Cavity Protection Fluoride Toothpaste, Cool Mint, 5.6 ounce

$5.75 5.75


  • Contains one 5.6oz tube in the pack
  • Cool mint flavor refreshes your breath
  • Triple protection toothpaste prevents cavities, maintains strong teeth, and healthy gums
  • Strengthens enamel to provide effective protection
  • Helps protect teeth from sugar acids

Flavor: Cool Mint

Size: 5.6 Ounce

UPC: 053100321186

Maintain your oral health with the Aquafresh Cavity Protection Cool Mint Toothpaste One Pack. Powered by fluoride, Aquafresh cavity protection toothpaste strengthens enamel to provide effective protection from sugar acids. The cool mint flavor gives you fresh breath, leaving you refreshed after brushing. Helps protect your teeth from sugar acids and cavities. It provides all the power of Triple Protection benefits for strong teeth, healthy gums(1) and fresh breath. Sugar acid can cause cavities by entering the tooth and dissolving minerals from within. Protect your teeth by using toothpaste with active fluoride which can help lock out sugar acid attacks. Aquafresh Sugar Acid Protection toothpaste uses fluoride to strengthen teeth against all kinds of sugars. (1) with regular brushing

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