Curad Quickstop Instant Clotting Technology Flex-Fabric Bandages, Assorted 30 ea - Expires, June 2024

$2.65 2.65


  • Ideal for Persistent or Recurring Bleeding
  • Used in the Professional Setting for Over 50 years
  • Natural Clotting Agent
  • Sterile

Size: 30 Counts

Color: Assorted

UPC: 888277366025

Curad Quick Stop bandages are impregnated with m-docÄ active to stop bleeding fast from minor cuts and surface wounds and reduce the risk of renewed bleeding.  A non-adherent layer on the pad ensures that it does not stick to the wound. m-docÄ micro dispersed oxidized cellulose is a completely natural, blood clotting wound agent to help high speed up the process to stop bleeding.

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