Gillette Mach 3 5 Count refill box

$6.99 6.99
  • Mach3 sensitive features DuMach3 sensitive features DuraComfort razor blades for long-lasting comfortraComfort razor blades for long-lasting comfort
  • Enhanced-lubricating gel strip glides to help fight irritation
  • Closer shave, less irritation, even for sensitive skin (vs. Sensor2 disposable)
  • These Mach3 sensitive blade refills fit all Mach3 razor handles
  • Better, even on the 10th shave (overall preference vs. Sensor2 disposable)

The Gillette Mach3 sensitive blade refills are 3-bladedrefills that deliver a closer shave and less irritation even for sensitiveskin. The pressure-adjusting Pivot adapts to contours for an easy, comfortableshave and the enhanced-lubricating gel strip glides to help fight irritation.Suitable for men with sensitive skin,

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