GUM - 6324A Soft-Picks Original Dental Picks, 320 Count

$19.25 19.25


  • GENTLE INTERDENTAL PICKS: Flexible synthetic rubber bristles fit easily between most teeth to massage the gums and disrupt dental plaque buildup. GUM Original Soft-Picks specialize in dental plaque removal, where toothbrushes can't reach.
  • AS EFFECTIVE AS DENTAL STRING FLOSS: If you're looking for a dental floss alternative, soft-picks are the way to go. Soft-picks remove interdental plaque accumulation and help fight gum disease, gingivitis, and bleeding gums.
  • INCLUDES AN ON-THE-GO CASE: Soft-Picks are compact, light, and easy to slip into a pocket or a purse and come with a slim carrying case. Take them with you anywhere you need a quick teeth cleaning.

UPC: 070942001748

Style: Original Version  

GUM Soft-Picks are innovative,

comfortable, and easy-to-use between-teeth cleaners for the on-the-go removal

of dental plaque and food particles from between the teeth and around crowns,

bridges, implants, dentures, and orthodontic appliances. Manufacturer Contact


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