Nature Box Conditioner - for Instant Hydration, with 100% Cold Pressed Macadamia Oil, 13 Ounce

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  • Rich, luxurious shampoo formulated with 100 percent Cold Pressed Natural Macadamia Oil, containing valuable vitamins and anti-oxidants
  • Helps taming your curls and waves. Use this conditioner not only to fight the frizz, but also to moisturize your hair. So that it can be exactly the way it's supposed to be: proud, wild and free!!!
  • FORMULATED WITHOUT: This indulgent shampoo is formulated without sulfates, silicones, parabens and artificial colorants HAIR REPAIR: Deeply repair your damaged hair
  • VEGAN FORMULA: 100 percent Vegan formula so your hair AND heart can feel good about the product you are using
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS: Bottle made with 25 percent Post Consumer Recycled Materials; See bottle label for proper recycling/disposal directions

Scent Name: Macadamia Oil

Size: 13 Ounce

UPC: 017000180564

Nature Box Nature Box Beauty Beauty products for hair and skin. An exciting brand that combines effective beauty care with cold pressed oils and select sustainably-sourced ingredients. Created without: Silicones SulfatesParabens Artificial Colorants Formulas vary by product. See packaging for details. With 100% Cold Pressed Natural Oil Our oils are extracted from the heart of fruits and nuts by a process called 'cold pressing'. This involves pressure without heat & chemicals, so the natural oils release from the ingredients. 

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