Old Spice, Beard Balm for Men, 2.22 fl oz

$5.75 5.75


  • Old Spice beard balm for men is a fancy word for beard-taming goop that smells good
  • Get everyday results by applying beard balm every day
  • Makes your beard more sculpted than a really good metaphor for something that's sculpted really well
  • What else is there to say?
  • It's probably worth mentioning that proper beard care gives you the control over your beard that you've always desired Just to be safe

UPC: 037000790624

Color: Beard Balm 

Size: 037000790624

The aftermath of using Old Spice beard balm for men involves having a whole lot of nicely tamed hairs on your beard, and a whole lot of not

doing any math. Time to replace your calculator kit with a beard grooming lineup, poindexter. If you’re disappointed about the lack of math in this product description you can take the number of hairs on your beard divided by 54 and do some beard math. Stop reading here if you aren’t an algorithm-eating robot. The Old Spice Beard Kit is for all the men out there who care about their beard care. The beard kit includes products like beard oil, beard balm, beard wash, and softening beard conditioner. Together, the products from this beard grooming kit make for a moisturizing beard experience full of search terms and good-looking groomed men.

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