Old Spice Bearglove 2in1 Shampoo & Conditioner for Men, 22 Fl Oz, 5.892 Fl Oz

$17.50 17.50


Whether you've been out in the wilderness wrestling grizzlies or fighting through your daily commute, at the end of the day you've got Old Spice Bearglove 2in1. It dropkicks odor, cleans hair of dirt and oil, and leaves your hair feeling moisturized. Bearglove scent commands grizzly-bear-level respect with waves of apple, citrus, and spice. Be warned however, it does not help you outrun a Grizzly. This formula was curated and crafted by barbers so you can enjoy barbershop-quality results from wherever It is you shower. That means rushing rivers, placid Lakes, and even bathtubs. Now get out there and show the bears who's got the best hair.
  • 2 Benefits, one bottle: Old Spice Bearglove 2in1 conditions and cleanses for wild freshness from start to finish
  • Manly scents for warriors: command grizzly-bear-level respect with the scent of apple, citrus, and spice
  • Barbershop quality: curated and crafted by barbers for barbershop-quality results
  • So fresh, so clean: leaves your mansome mane clean with an attractive scent, and the respect of the forest
  • Be amazing: feel like you just left the best barbershop the wilderness has to offer
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