Old Spice Fresh Collection Fiji Men's Body Spray 3.75 Ounce

$6.85 6.85


  • Volcano-powered sweat destroyer with Fresher scents of Fiji with palm tree
  • Make your body smell like the fruit-eating king of a banana island
  • One spray lasts all day
  • Where freshness smells from
  • For more tiny-umbrella-drink memories, try FIJI Deodorant and Body Wash

Scent: Fiji 

Size: 3.75 Ounce

UPC: 012044039991

Lean back in your desk chair and think of a tropical place, such as Fiji. Can you smell it? You probably can’t, because your boss is watching you on those closed-circuit cameras. So spray on some Old Spice Fresh Collection Fiji Body Spray before going to work, and while your boss smells like the inside of a closed-circuit camera booth, you’ll smell like tropical freshness and sunshine. And to save time that could be better spent pursuing manly, exotic pastimes like coconut jai alai, just one spray of Old Spice Fresh Collection Body Spray lasts all day

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