Old Spice Fresh Collection Fiji Scent Men's Deodorant, 3 Ounce - Packaging May Vary

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The freshest places on Earth in armpit form. Old Spice Fiji anti-perspirant smells like palm trees, sunshine and freedom. Fresh Collection is where freshness smells from. Inhale the adventure.

When man first discovered the islands of Fiji, he said, "Oh, wow. I’ll bet that years from now, other men will have bikini photo shoots on these very beaches." They said this even though they didn’t know about bikinis or photo shoots. That’s because the scent of Old Spice Fresh Collection Fiji Deodorant is so cool and refreshing, it inspires true visionary art thousands of years ahead of its time.

The Freshest Places on Earth in armpit form

Long-lasting freshness

Inhale the adventure

For a True Olfactory Experience, Try Them Together

Grab your scent-seeking Geiger counter and start combing the beach of freshness, for you are about to be rich beyond your wildest dreams. No, not from precious metals. But from the rich scents of the complete Fresh Collection.

Anti-Perspirant & DeodorantReduces sweat

Long-Lasting Stick DeodorantA scent with staying power

Body SprayTurn up your man-smell

Body WashDrop-kicks dirt and odor

Frequently Asked Questions

Fresh Collection Scents

What are the pros of procuring this product?

It plants a flag of fragrance high atop your man mountain

It gives heart to the weak, while striking fear into your enemies

It smells like cobra fangs

It allows you to mark large geographical areas with your scent and increase your dominion

It increases your ability to sense other dimensions

It makes you feel like a delicious meatball sandwich for women

It makes larger mammals fear you

It allows you to save small animals using only your man scent

What are the cons of procuring this product?

It incites an unmistakable urge to wrestle large animals

It creates a desire to climb tall mountains simply because they exist

It smells too manly

Its manly scent causes people to assume you’re an astronaut able to answer aerospace queries

What if my current soap isn’t manly enough?Try Old Spice Body Wash.

What if I smell like a turtle cage?Try Old Spice Deodorant.

What if I want to slap the smell of America on my face?Try an Old Spice fragrance in Aftershave or Cologne.

What if my armpits spring a leak?Try Old Spice Anti-Perspirant.

What if I’ve lost my man-smell?Try Old Spice Body Spray.

Take a scentspedition through the heart of freshness with these Fresh Collection smells.





  • Personal Care
  • Smells like palm trees, sunshine and freedom
  • The freshest places on Earth in Armpit form
  • Long lasting freshness
  • Inhale the Adventure.
  • As fresh as a coconut with a straw, Fiji is part of our Fresher Collection, forged with real ingredients straight outta nature
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