That's it. That's it Fruit Bar, 1.2 Ounce

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That’s it. was founded to improve the quality of life of children and adults worldwide by making fruit and its benefits accessible to people everywhere. Through education, focused research, sustainability and ethical practices, That’s it's. mission is to provide products to improve, protect and restore the body. Our journey starts with That’s it. fruit bars. A product that focuses on fruit and delivers unprecedented taste, texture and cleanliness of ingredients listed on the product label. That’s It. bars grew from the idea that nature knows best. We agree. We believe that adding a bunch of extra stuff to natural fruit only takes away from the purity and balance that nature intended. Ingredient lists have never been this simple and this clean until now. We use only natural, non-GMO fruit and nothing else. Our goal is to make it convenient for people to get their “2-a-day.” That means that you get 2 whole servings of fruit from just one That’s It. bar. With taste, convenience and portion control, That’s It. has raised the bar on fruit. .All natural fruit snack bars made with 2 ingredients, Apples and Strawberries.100 Calories , Non GMO & Gluten Free
  • Only 2 Ingredients! That's it.
  • Made with Real Non-GMO Fruit
  • Gluten & Fat Free
  • No Sugars Added
  • Free from the Top 12 Allergens (Except Coconut)
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