Vaseline Intensive Care hand and body lotion Essential Healing 10 oz

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  • Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing Hand and Body Lotion moisturizes dry skin and dry hands
  • Vaselines Essential Healing Hand and Body Lotion is fast absorbing for a non-greasy feel
  • Contains microdroplets of Vaseline Jelly to lock in moisture
  • Clinically proven to moisturize deeply within the first application, for noticeably healthier looking skin
  • Moisturizing hand and body lotion, clinically proven to keep dry skin healed for 3 weeks, as proven after 4 weeks daily use
  • Daily hand and body lotion best for: dry skin, rough skin, dry hands from washing

Style Name: Essential Healing

Size: 10 Ounce

UPC: 305213077000

Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing Lotion, Beneath the surface, healthy skin is up to 90% water. Thats what helps give our skin the strength and flexibility to protect our body. Unfortunately, we lose about a pint of water and vital nutrients from our skin as we go through the day. Total moisture lotion is a multi-vitamin moisturizer. It replenishes 100% of daily hydration, along with the essential nutrients that skins needs to be vibrant and feel healthy every day.

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