Amope GelActiv Extreme Heels Insoles for Women, 1 pair, Size 5-10

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We understand that a perfect pair of high heels can make you look and feel great. But regardless of how great they look, they can start to hurt after a while and you feel like taking them off. Now you don't have to sacrifice comfort for the sake of style anymore. Introducing the latest innovation from Amopé. New Amope GelActiv Insoles are the cushioning gel insoles that transforms fashion heels into your favorite pair of comfy sneakers. These insoles for women are made of soft, elastic gel to help relieve pressure and discomfort from your feet to keep you going all day. They sit perfectly between the slope of your shoes and sole of your foot to provide a comfy feel and support that you would come to expect a premium womens insoles. Amope gel insoles and shoe inserts were designed and assessed in consultation with podiatrists and foot care specialists. They provide superior cushioning and shock absorption for lighter-feeling feet all day. Now looking great and feeling great in your high heel shoes are not mutually exclusive. Tried gel insoles before and didn?t like them? These womens insoles are different. Ultra thin insoles won?t crowd your toes. Almost invisible and discreet shape means they won?t show. Unique non-slip adhesion gel ensure the insole and your feet stay firmly in place yet can be removed/reapplied. Extreme comfort for extreme heels. Gel technology. Women's Sizes: 5-10. Women's 5-10. Suitable for shoes with heels above 2.2 in/5.5 cm. Amazing Cushioning Pads for Extreme Heels: Ultra-soft gel arch relieves pressure off ball of foot and provides extra comfort. Non-slip design ensures that your feet & insole stay firmly in place. Designed & assessed in consultation with foot care specialists. Made in China. How to Use: Ensure inside of shoe is clean and dry before use. Remove plastic backing & look for a marking to indicate left (L) versus right (R) insole. Place the insole sticky side down into the front of the shoe, ensuring the raised area starts at the beginning of the slope of our shoe (this will be under the ball of your foot). Reposition as needed. Replace after months or first signs of wear. To remove the insole, pull it slowly & gently out of the shoe. Caution: Discontinue use if you experience adverse reaction.
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