Polident Dental Appliance and Denture Brush, 1 Count

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Polident Dental Appliance and Denture Brush features specially configured bristles (1) to help effectively clean your dental appliances. Ideal for aligners, night guards, retainers, and full and partial dentures, this cleaning brush features soft bristles designed to help minimize dental appliance scratching. A non-slip handle and thumb grip make it easier to grasp this dental scrubbing brush while cleaning your dental appliances out-of-mouth. This Polident soft bristle brush also has a built-in adhesive removal tool for use on dentures. A great addition to your dental care products, this cleaning brush is intended for external use with all Polident denture cleaner products, not inside your mouth (1). Simply remove your dental appliance, and follow the instructions on your specific denture care cleaner. Regular cleaning helps keep your dental appliance clean and fresh, so you can get closer and enjoy life's little moments. (1) For use only on dental appliances and not for use in the mouth on teeth. Dental appliances such as dentures, partial dentures, aligners, night guards, and retainers
  • One Polident Dental Appliance and Denture Brush
  • Cleaning brush with soft bristles helps minimize dental appliance scratching (1)
  • Denture and retainer brush with non-slip handle and thumb grip to help clean your dentures and other dental appliances out-of-mouth (1)
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